Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Need to catch up

No blogging - just been doing other things. School is in its last week and a half, holiday is close and we've been taking Logan for all kinds of tests and examinations to find out what's wrong with him. Last week we went to Cologne to see a dog internist and he has recommended an appointment today with a dog neurologist. Meanwhile, a colleague has suggested that it might be a thyroid problem, so I need to check today if that has been tested before I pay another whopping medical bill. He, of course, lets everyone prod and poke him, stick needles into him, electrodes etc, with the patience and good nature of a saint. When I quake at the bills, I remember all this little chap has done for us and all he has given and don't feel so bad.

Quilting when I can but no time to take or upload photos - next time.