Friday, 1 June 2012

Lindenblossom and lovely news

I've just walked our border terrier down by the Rhine and all the Linden trees are in full blossom - the smell is intoxicating.  The design of this tree blossom is so simple, elegant and perfect in every way, I had to pick a small piece to bring home.  In the evenings, the scent envelops you as you walk along, such beautiful trees.  It was this flower that made the tea (limeflower tea) into which Proust dipped his madelaine and the taste of that triggered the beginning of 'La Recherche du Temps Perdu'.  I've not tasted limeflower tea but shall find out how to make it and try some.

The good news is that my youngest daughter, who finished her Masters in Politics at the end of October last year, has just been selected from 200 applicants for a year's graduate placement in a large pharmaceutical company.  She will be working in the Government Affairs office which liases with the government in setting drug pricing, drug policies, explaining new drugs, etc.  She will be going to Westminster for meetings and is so excited.  They have already invited her to choose which party political conference she wants to go to so they can get her a pass.  I think she will be well-developed and get a good network from this job.  It is only for a year but I think it will be a good stepping stone.  It is in a lovely part of England and she has just been for a week to visit us in Germany and has now gone back to spend this weekend finding a house-share ready to move and start work.  Luckily, she still has time before her start date to come to Normandy with us and her sister and boyfriend.  I'm so happy for her and they will be glad to have her; she works like a demon, learns fast and has a lot of mature insight.

I have finished my split ninepatch quilt that was lying around needing border quilting and binding. It's a really cosy quilt and this one is staying with ME!

And here are my two little wild friends who I see every morning and evening - sometimes there are friends and/or family with them but these two are constant (unless I just can't tell the difference between rabbits).  I watch them while I am making tea and they are so lovely; it makes my day.