Thursday, 15 March 2012


I have always hated putting a quilt sandwich together; hated being on my knees on the floor, hated the pinning and most of all hated the basting. I just haven't felt strong enough to get this quilt put together, although I was longing to sit and hand-quilt it with my quilting friends and make my life feel more normal again. So yesterday I just got angry with myself and made a decision to Get It Done. I have never cut backing nor trimmed up batting so quickly. Instead of kneeling, I sat cross-legged in the middle and quickly pinned everything. I hate basting so I decided not to baste. And here it is, ready for quilting, although the borders are still in need of squaring up and are only roughly pinned - the perfectionist has decided to let this go - I will do them later.

And here is the teacup and saucer embroidery that a friend sent me - it is very intricate and lots of the blue shades look like each other, so it needs lots of concentration, but it is looking very pretty.