Sunday, 29 July 2012

Appomattox Courthouse

Well,  I've finished three of my unfinished quilts (photos next time) and I decided I've earned the right to make a new quilt.  I have great intentions of never again leaving a quilt unfinished to lurk on my shelves for a year or more.  Feeling quite virtuous.  I am never going to have time to finish my Nearly Insane quilt and so have decided to make the blocks I've done into a smaller quilt.  That will be my first chore when this quilt is finished.  Not all the blocks are sewn in the photo - I was just auditioning my sashing fabric but this whole section is now finished and I just need to buy some fabric for the two borders and make the pieced border which goes in between the two.  I'm glad I got the others finished but it is nice to be working on something new again.