Friday, 16 December 2011

Phew! Finished in time

Finally finished the Christmas embroidery which I began last Autumn in the hopes that it would be done by last Christmas but I was left with the last line unfinished and it had to be put away. I'm afraid I took a very quick photo on our white and grey marble table, which makes the embroidery look a bit grubby but I will post a better picture when I get a frame for it on Monday. I am really glad I made the decision to do this on antique linen as it is very traditional and it just looks right. There are so many beautiful German carols but this has always been one of my favourites - rough translation below:

Oh come, little children, come to the crib,
Come, all of you, inside Bethlehem's stall,
And see what our Father in heaven has done
In this holy night to give us Joy!

It has a really beautiful, innocent melody - I could sing it for you but that would spoil things!