Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Home again, again!

Returned at lunchtime today from my youngest daughter's university graduation in Sheffield, England. We left Germany on Tuesday afternoon, drove through Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, onto the Channel Tunnel where our car was put in a carriage with broken air conditioning - temperature down there was high 30s. At least they gave us free bottled water to help stay alive and, of course, the crossing only takes half an hour. Then drove to a hotel in Luton. Up early Wednesday morning to drive to Sheffield, collect Olivia, go to graduation, take photos, drink champagne, collect her suitcase and then drive back down to Channel tunnel and across to stay in Calais overnight. This morning, drove back through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany and home by lunchtime. You can't get more of a whistlestop tour than that. Don't know how my husband does it but he's proud of being a road warrior - me, I sit and read, embroider and sleep. I always sleep like a baby in the car.

Graduation was lovely. As both daughters went to an international school, we had big celebrations over their school graduations (this doesn't happen in England where finishing school is taken for granted and not a cause of celebration). As Eleanor has already had two university graduations and Olivia is doing her Masters next year, all in all when we are finished we will have attended six such events with all the attendant gown hire, photos etc, etc. Still, each one still makes us very proud.

Now to concentrate on the four weeks left of my summer vacation and get some serious sewing done. Not easy as the temperature, despite the odd storm, remains stubbornly in the low 30s - just a few degrees above comfortable for me.

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