Friday, 22 October 2010

Nearly there...

Had a lovely quilt group yesterday at Nancy's - noisy, chatty, patterns exchanged, fat quarter gifts from Nancy after her trip to the U.S. and delicious food. Once again I heaved The Quilt along with me but for the last time. I finished the binding last night and have only to do the little circles and quilt round them. Off to IKEA today but hope to get to them later.

While I'm here, I'll just say hello to the silent lurkers out there. I was one for years before I started commenting and then started the blog. The word 'lurker' is not flattering but I'm not insulting you - there's nothing wrong with looking and not speaking. Your comments are always welcome, though...


  1. this quilt is beautiful. i can't imagine making anything quite like this. i haven't done any sewing for quite some time, but i've suddenly found the urge to get my machine out and finish some things off.

  2. Barbara, since I have seen your fabulous quilt in person and am overwhelmed by how beautiful it is, your photographs are very good too. It is a work of art and I imagine you will miss working with it. What a gift! Love your blog too!