Friday, 25 March 2011

Tempus keeps fugitting!

Can't believe I haven't posted since 29th January. Time to catch up.

Stuart and I went to Aachen for a weekend - sunny and restful, lots of wonderful old buildings like this one:

Just look at those barley-twist carved pillars and the unusual window shutters! It is now a restaurant and although we didn't eat there as we had already booked somewhere else, on our next visit we shall certainly do so - I want to see the inside properly rather than a peer through the window. Yes, there was a table full of people looking back at me when I did so - when it is old glass in the windows, you can't see anything at first and then you see the faces...

One of the old houses has been turned into a museum and there is in the basement a Tile Room, all walls being completely tiled in different antique tiles. Quilt inspiration galore - really beautiful.

Our quilt group trip to Bremen was great fun and I managed to cut and sew on the borders of my new quilt, sandwich it and get the quilting started. Current progress below:

Have decided this quilt is going to be a surprise birthday present for my sister-in-law - I can post the photos because she doesn't know about my blog.

Next weekend six of us from the quilt group are travelling to the island of Sylt in the north of Germany. We will have an 8 hour train journey (three hours to Bremen and then Renate will join us for the next five hours!) and three nights and two days on the island and then the long journey back on Sunday. Our friend Gisela is married to the manager of the hotel where we are staying and it will be another lovely reunion as Bremen was an unbelievable eight weeks ago. If I don't take the quilt with me I shall take embroidery but have to take something crafty to do with my hands.

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