Monday, 11 July 2011

No picture day

Have just started a small quilt, probably a table-topper, from the Provençal charm pack I had. No photos today as I have been too busy to get the camera out but will do soon. Dental check today ('Perfekt, Frau Johnstone!') and had to rush to buy a new hoover before my appointment as the old one blew up yesterday (probably my fault). My youngest daughter is visiting from England for a few days so I might not have much time for sewing. I decided to keep the quilt very simple as the fabrics are so bright and busily patterned - quite outside my comfort zone - and just cut them in half and did chinese coin strips alternated with white. I plan to use the very few (5) half squares left over to make some applique flower middles and then embroider the petals and then, Horror of Horrors! - machine quilt the lot. I hardly ever machine quilt and I know my hands will be itching to quilt something so small scale and easy to manipulate. However, for once I want to do something seasonal and use this tabletopper while the weather is appropriate. It makes me feel happy to look at it and very summery so I hope to get it finished and on the table very soon in order to enjoy it.

I think then I will finish the two unfinished quilts I have which only need binding and do a bit of my Kaffeerösterei embroidery before I start another quilt. Ideas for the next one are shifting around my head but haven't settled yet so this will give them time.

Have heard quite a few stories about other people who have had a taste problem after a heart op - in some cases it can take months for the problem to disappear; am hoping that my husband does not have to wait that long.

This is the first week of my long school summer break and I have that luxurious feeling of abundant time to do wonders before school starts again. Let's hope I get at least some of the things done around home that I've been postponing until just this time!


  1. I just HAD to pay a visit after seeing your comment to Bonnie Hunter. I had begun to feel I am the only one out there quilting by hand. How very refreshing to discover I am wrong.
    Your quilt is lovely and the inspector is charming and I hope your husband is regaining his health each day.

  2. What, exactly, is Kaffeerösterei embroidery? Hope your husband is doing well and growing stronger every day.

  3. Sorry for the delay in replying - we have had several guests over the last two weeks and I haven't posted. Thanks for the good wishes for my husband - he is doing better every day. My Kaffeerösterei is not a type of embroidery but a cross-stitch picture of an old German coffee shop (the 'coffee-roastery') where the beans were roasted on the premises and sold like that or ground to order. I think there is a photo of the kit in one of my posts. Your question made me smile because you are very knowledgeable about needlecraft and I think I must have set you wondering about a type of embroidery that doesn't actually exist!