Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year

Well, Christmas is over but I just wanted to show our perfectly-shaped tree before it gets taken down tomorrow. My husband and youngest daughter chose it and I was so pleased with it - several visitors thought it was an artificial one because it was so neat...

I did rotate the Father Christmas embroidery when I uploaded the photo but for some reason it did not take and I am too tired to go back and rectify it. It was supposed to be a stand-up Santa but it was designed in a stupid way because to make him stand up you have to lace him at the back, at which point most of the handiwork is out of sight and he becomes extremely thin and looks weird. I decided to leave him whole, stuck him on a door and he looked happy enough. He could also be hung on the Christmas tree but I prefer to have him on a door. It was embroidered on plastic mesh, which I would not use again as it made my fingers very sore when sewing. In fact, although I got this at a very reduced price at an exhibition last year, it really wasn't a bargain as it was a huge amount of work for a small result. At least he's done and he can come back next year.

Keen to get started on new quilts and finishing two borders and bindings on quilts already done but haven't got the energy or motivation to do them. Instead, enjoying my youngest daughter's company with dvds and embroidery until she leaves for England tomorrow evening. My husband has gone to Frankfurt on business today and we have terrible storms, so I'm hoping he can leave early after his meeting and drive back safely while it is still light. I'm also hoping the European storms settle down before my daughter flies to England tomorrow - I shall worry myself sick if the weather is still bad.

Happy New Year to all, I wish you a 2012 full of satisfying sewing, kniting, crochet, whatever you love.

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  1. Happy New Year Barbara, wishing you health, wealth and happiness, but mostly health and happiness - though should you win the lottery you know where I live :o) xxx