Monday, 29 March 2010

Magic Monday

...because I am on Easter break from school and although I finished work last Wednesday, the holiday feeling has only hit me this morning because that is when I would normally be at work. Thursday Friday and the weekend just felt like normal days off. So I plan to do more of my family tree research - have reached an impasse on one line of enquiry but have several more to follow. So addictive and enjoyable and so lovely to have the time to really get into it each day. I also have the intention of finishing the quilt block from the Nearly Insane quilt that has the most pieces in it - got three quarters the way through last year and got really sick of it, planned to finish it the next day and life got in the way. It got endlessly postponed and I need to eat the frog. I'm sure you have come across the expression, meaning get the thing that you don't want to do but need to do DONE so you can enjoy the rest of your day. I also plan to do a daily 'nibble' at wardrobe and storage clearing and sorting - a drawer a day.

Here's a task that has been put off because of the extended cold weather - Logan's spring haircut. I don't have a photo of him at his hairiest but if I tell you he had an Elizabethan collar/ruff of bristly fur around his neck, maybe you will get the picture. Here he is shorn:
And here he is just after I brought him back from the groomer - he had a small cramping attack while he was there - maybe the stress, we don't know - and so I need to go the vet and get him checked for epilepsy. He has had one or two attacks in the past but they have been very rare. Anyway, he was exhausted, so we tucked him up. Spoilt? Him? Ha!Logan has always loved quilting as much as I do.

It's good to have so many tasks and hobbies to distract me from thinking about my eldest daughter's first day in her new job (first ever job). I know she will have been a bit sleepless last night and I shall be thinking about her on and off all day and hoping she has a great start. The three day visit from daughters and boyfriends was lovely and I was so happy that when they returned she had this job waiting for her instead of more hunting and applications. I'm trying to send good thoughts her way today.

Well, my list of frogs needs doing before I get to the princes today, so I'm off to make some curried parsnip soup for lunch for Stuart and me, then get started.

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