Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sparkling Day!

Bad storms in Europe over the weekend but we didn't get much rain, just severe winds. Lots of branches down and some trees. It was a bit risky taking Logan for his walks as we have a lot of old trees where we live. But this morning was sunny and sparkling where the frost was melting in the sun. I took Logan to the river (two minutes away) and everything looked wonderful. Above is our view across the river.As you can see, the cycle path that goes all along the river is unusable because the water is so high just now - not our rain but from somewhere further up.Stuart and I just love this magnolia tree and we always track its progress from now (buds visible) until its glorious full flowering.
My two-minute walk to the river is through the United Nations gardens and here I found one of the casualties of the weekend winds. It is clearly not healthy inside and so must have been very vulnerable.
And here are clouds of snowdrops, which are making everyone happy.

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