Saturday, 6 November 2010

Wild windy wet weather and cosy sewing

It is unbelievably warm here, so the heavy rain and wild wind are not bothering me, despite being slapped in the face by a large wet leaf - twice! - on the morning dog walk. The trees are so huge that we've been walking through thick multi-coloured carpets. It's actually quite dangerous getting into my car because the parking bay has so many leaves that you can't see where the kerb is, so I've seen several neighbours doing what I do - dip their toes in the leaves until they can feel the road. Why don't we clear them up? Because we pay for landscaping of the community parkland in our rent and the parking bay is out on the street and I suppose none of us want to sweep the public street, especially as it is quite a way from our appartment.

Anyway, Stuart is in Lisbon, enjoying some very sunny business meetings and I'm tucked up cosily doing different bits of sewing. Here's the progress on the Christmas cross-stitch:

I've also done some of the stand-up Santa but at the moment he has half a pink face with no features and looks a bit scary, so I shan't photograph him until he looks a bit more human.

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