Monday, 30 April 2012


Finished the quilt for my daughter and just need to embroider a label on the back. In the end I decided to do quarter inch quilting in the corners and a quilted pink heart done with embroidery floss. Of course, when I went to photograph it, someone got there before me - what is it with cats and dogs and quilts?
Feeling good - have just booked a country house in Normandy for a week's holiday at the end of June and my daughters and one boyfriend are coming to join us; I don't care about the weather that much because I just love those Norman beaches but I hope it's good for the others' sake. Still, there are all the World War II landing beaches to visit, loads of places from 'Band of Brothers' to see and we have a view of Mont St. Michel. Looking forward to some great seafood. Promised myself 'moules et frites' as soon as we arrive...

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