Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It's been a while.

Just thought I would show progress on the quilt and the cross-stitch I've been doing. First, the teacup and saucer kit is coming along nicely - I need to do some mauve flowers under the cup and I've already started the pale blue border which goes around the frame (not visible on this photo). It needs pressing but I just grabbed it from the ring for a quick photo.

And here's the quilt with borders done - they are all done although the nearest in the photo just looks wrinkled because of the way the light has caught it. I have left the corners unquilted because I can't make up my mind what to do there - no inspiration. My eldest daughter wants the quilt when finished so I was thinking of a monogram on each corner but I decided it would spoil the simplicity of this quilt. I plan to bind it first and then decide when I see how big the corner spaces are - I do not quilt tightly so it won't matter doing it after the quilt is bound. I also might do a pieced binding as I have some of the fabrics left over from the layer cake.

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  1. Another beautiful quilt Barbara and whatever you decide for the corners and binding the finished quilt will look lovely. A very lucky daughter!