Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Spring is coming!

As we have no garden and my window boxes are still empty from the winter clear-out, this little pot of tulips is very important to me. I have always loved tulips but when we lived in Holland for four years this love became an obsession. All tulips are lovely but for me 'gele tulpen' (I still use the Dutch words sometimes when asking for them in Germany because they are stuck in my head) are the ones that make me happiest. Through the recent snow and ice I have been watching these pushing their way into the world slowly, greenly and determinedly. They have now got to the stage of beautiful looseness and as you can see, it is also very sunny today with blue skies and about 10C, which feels very warm. I'm not a person who is ever bothered about the weather - all seasons have their delights for me. But this has been a difficult winter and these tulips have been a cheerful marker of the transition into sunnier times.

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