Saturday, 24 April 2010

Outside Inside

Deep blue sky and warm sun, warm enough for the huge Rheinaue Park to attract people with barbecues - if they are families then they often bring a wooden trailer with all the needs for the day, food, games and equipment. Badminton nets are set up, football games started and babies shaded. There is a great sense of relief all round that we have the warm weather we think we deserve...

We began by going to the optician and choosing some new glasses for me. I still like the ones I have but the surface of them has deteriorated over the years and they look as though they need cleaning but cleaning doesn't help. I chose some of the new 'Switch-it' lenses so that I can buy different colours and styles of the interchangeable sidebars (is that what they're called?) and nose pieces. Quite an ingenious idea. Of course, the varifocal lenses were horrifically expensive but they are what I need and spaced out over the years I have had my last lot it doesn't seem that much to spend. Even after all the detailed close work I've been doing, my eye test revealed no change in the last six years. I was so pleased.

Then Stuart and I went into the park (there are no gates - our community is on the river and adjoins the park) and had a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants, sitting in the sun, gave Logan a walk round one of the lakes and then came home - simple but lovely. Here is a sample of the blossom just now:

And then Stuart did some work and I made another Nearly Insane block:

So a nice mixed day - now for a pot of tea...

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