Thursday, 16 September 2010


Haven't been back because it was a rotten virus. Feeling much better but left with the sort of cough that interrupts sleeping and leaves you sore and weary. We are both sick of being sick in that low-spirited way. It's our 34th wedding anniversary tomorrow and so that ought to trigger the endorphins, or whatever they are called, into changing gear. And, in two weeks we go for a weekend to England to celebrate my birthday and my eldest daughter Eleanor's birthday together; a day in London with tickets for Les Miserables and a day in Cambridge for Stuart and myself. What has often seemed a nuisance having our two birthdays so close, now seems very convenient when we are living in different countries.

Have been given a lovely quilt book called 'Two Colour Quilts' - just my cup of tea - what I call an 'ooh and aah' book. As if I didn't have enough patterns on my list of want-to-dos, here are a whole lot more, most in blue/white, red/white and looking crisp and wholesome and very Scandinavian. The problem is not only shortage of time but the temptations of cross-stitch patterns (which I ought to be kept away from) and now I've been reading a couple of knitting blogs and wouldn't mind having a go at the hand-knit sock thing that seems to have swept through knitting people. The truth is, I'm not one of these people who quietly and quickly produce something new and use all their time effectively; if I were, then I would achieve a lot more than I do. My workmanship is good but oh, oh, the time I waste cross-referencing stuff on the internet, finding stuff on the internet to watch while I'm sewing, playing the odd computer game, procrastinating with just one more cup of coffee, looking at even more patterns and techniques, etc. I wish I were one of these people who turn up and say they've 'just started a little something new' and pull from their capacious bag a full-size quilt top which is three-quarters finished. I tend to talk a lot about what I'm doing but don't produce much. Perhaps that should indicate a good resolution for 2011.

Haven't put photos here for a while. Last time I tried, the system had some sort of bug and took a long time to NOT work. Will try again soon.

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