Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Not so bad

Got up this morning, did a speedwalk in the park, gathered walnuts and sweet chestnuts on my way, then hot shower and breakfast. Only then did I look at the quilt and found, to my relief, that it was only the two short sides that are a problem; the long sides are fine - I must have been tired last night and over-reacted. Cut two strips of white backing and sewed them on and felt a whole lot better. This evening I'm cooking for the quilt group who are coming here tomorrow but shall find the time to fix all the edges, trim and sew round so I can do the border quilting and sew on the applique circles to the middle of the big white bits. It's having a plan that calms you down and last night I was tired and didn't really have one.

Cooking twice-baked Roquefort souffles tonight and these will go back in the oven tomorrow topped with more Roquefort and double cream(!) so that they rise up again to be plonked on Feldsalat (lamb's lettuce, I think this is called in Britain). I'm also making a coconut and pineapple cake. Quite a small group tomorrow, I think, so I should be able to get quite a bit of sewing done as we won't all be talking at the same time!

It struck me this morning what a wonderful thing is a hot shower. We're often encouraged to be thankful for things and I thought how comforting a hot powerful shower was when I was sick last week, how it helps if I've done too much sewing and have got sore shoulders and how fantastic it is when I come in from fast walking or after other exercise to just climb into that hot fast water. I hate baths, so now you know...

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