Monday, 13 September 2010

Snotty yukky weekend

Stuart's brother is visiting people in Europe for a few weeks and he came to stay with us this weekend. Unfortunately, Stuart had caught a bad cold/virus thing and was feeling pretty rough but I was fine until he left to collect Lawrence from Düsseldorf airport. In the time it took him (about an hour and a half) to drive there I went from feeling fine to wanting to crawl into bed - how is that possible? So fast and so aggressive. Luckily, I had done a four cheese and spinach lasagne the day before so I could just put it in the oven without spending time in the kitchen (he was only with us for one full day and an evening). I had also booked a table in a nice restaurant for the Sunday evening, not knowing that my legs would feel like new-born Bambi and my joints hurting, amongst other symptoms. Isn't it amazing how, when you're in good health, it's hard to identify with someone who is sick but when you are sick, it's hard to imagine what it's like to be healthy? Anyway, I gritted my teeth and we did actually have a lovely evening but as Stuart was paying the bill, I went to the bathroom. This was an old converted mill and the bathroom was at the end of a very long flight of stairs, way down in the depths. My ibuprofen had long worn off and I thought I'd never get to the end of the stairs - I just sat down on the bottom step and felt so sad that I had to climb those stairs again. Poor Stuart had to get up at 4.30 a.m. to take Lawrence to the airport again - he is a couple of days ahead of me so is feeling on the mend but it was still tough. Me, I was such a snotty jellylegs this morning that I had to stay home from work but I think I'll be okay to go tomorrow as everything has moved down into my chest now - okay, that could also be a problem but the weakness is fading and that is what was so debilitating. There's nothing more boring than hearing about people's viruses so I apologise to anyone passing by here but I did just want to say a public thank you to my husband who has looked after me so thoughtfully today.

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