Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Well, I had to cancel the quilt group (and the food) because my husband runs his consultancy from home and really needed to get some work done for a meeting in Frankfurt. He has an office in the basement but this time needed to work on a big table (dining table) and also needed the big computer screen in the living room rather than his laptop. In fact, there would have only been three of us and I later found out that one had a cold and was not unhappy to stay home, so it wasn't that bad to cancel.

I still cooked the Roquefort souffles for a dinner with friends on Saturday evening and they were very tasty. I also did a beef and Guinness casserole with butter, garlic, mustard and parsley spread baguette slices toasted (they were a meal in themselves) and walnut and coffee syrup cakes with cream and a sprinkling of raspberries. It was a very good evening.

I've been doing blogs without photos for a while because since my youngest daughter left for university in England, I haven't seen our camera and vaguely thought she had borrowed it but was too lazy to go down to her basement room and look for it. Finally did so tonight and shall put some photos up with the next post.

Quilt going very well indeed, end in sight; on the last stretch of border quilting and I must say that doing one continuous line is very lovely because I don't have to mark it or keep knotting off my thread.

Oh, and the reason I'm excited? It's my birthday on Friday and my eldest daughter's birthday on Sunday. I chose to have a weekend in England and to take us all to the theatre in London to see 'Les Miserables', which we all love. So we leave tomorrow, stop and see my parents for a bit and then to stay with eldest daughter and boyfriend in Ely. My birthday will be spent going round Cambridge and shopping with husband and daughter, including birthday gifts. My youngest daughter will be coming down from Sheffield by train to join us Friday evening. Saturday we will spend in London with a nice dinner in the evening and then Sunday we will eat birthday cake again for my daughter. We get back to Germany Sunday evening and collect the dog from friends. THAT is why I'm excited... I love spending time with the girls!

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