Friday, 29 January 2010


Bought some really good chestnuts a few days ago at a market stall. I have a passion for chestnuts and managed to gather about five kilos from the park and the trees along the river (Rhein) in the autumn. I also collected walnuts. I would take Logan, our border terrier, out for a walk and just fill up my pockets every time. Then they became super-abundant and I took a plastic bag with me. Among other gatherers I met someone I called Walnut Man who was ignoring chestnuts and just going for walnuts - we had a short-lived 'nut' relationship whereby I would hand over any walnuts I'd got that day and he would throw up his giant heavy stick into the nearest chestnut trees and fill up my bag for me. A strange little friendship - I wonder if I will see him next autumn. I used some chestnuts to make and freeze stuffing for the Christmas turkey, puree for soup and I roasted and ate the rest, mmm! I am roasting some now before I sit and watch another episode of 'The Wire' borrowed from a friend and I shall think back to those golden autumn walks and exchanges with the Walnuss Mann.

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