Saturday, 30 January 2010

Snow/Sew Day

Snowing heavily here today so apart from walking Logan we are having a cosy time. Stuart is napping as he had a stressful time when he returned from Madrid because he had to drive home on Glatteis (sheet ice) on the Autobahn from Düsseldorf. We are going to a Burns Night Dinner tonight and he is giving the 'Speech to the Lassies', so he's having a nice snooze and we'll take a taxi tonight so that neither snow nor whisky will cause a problem getting home. I'm going to continue with the Crescent and Star quilt blocks for my youngest daughter. They look like this:

I had wanted to make her a quilt for her International School graduation as I had for our oldest daughter but she couldn't make up her mind what she wanted. This went on until Summer 2009 (after two years at university) when she made her choice. If I'm industrious, it might be ready for her university graduation - only three years late... Although I could make these blocks by machine, the pattern recommended hand-sewing and it is really nice to have something very portable. I sew these while watching tv, take them on long car journeys to Britain, etc and they are challenging and interesting to make. Soon I will have enough and then comes a white border with applique swags and circles.


  1. The block is very beautiful! And your workmanship is precise which makes it even more adorable :)

  2. Can't email you, Hannele, but thank you for your kind comments - I've just visited your blog and it is full of wonderful ideas - I shall return!