Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lazy Sunday

What Lazy Sunday means is that I still haven't uploaded any photos. And I wanted this to be a quilting blog. I'll get there eventually but having a blog is still so new that I have no routine for posting. I felt guilty yesterday because I was cooking for friends coming to dinner and felt the blog lowering over me as though I had let it down. I have now had a talk with myself and decided it will be a journal, not a diary, so I can post or not post and feel fine about both.

The dinner went well. I cooked: cheese pastry tartlets filled with balsamic caramelised onions and topped with grilled goat's cheese (these were good but the caramelisation took ages and I had hoped they would taste sensational - they were just nice), then salmon with a honey and coriander glaze and jasmine rice with ginger - this was light and healthy after all the meat-eating we've done over Christmas and New Year. The glaze did slightly burn, though, and the syrup that had to be made from the marinade was too strong and sickly sweet so we used very little of it. The ginger rice was good and I would do that again. We finished with an easy dessert - Mars Bar mousses. I had seen several recipes for this and they were all very different so I picked the one with no cream. I sometimes find chocolate mousse too dark and intense and these made a sweeter, fudgier version. Two of our friends, Austrian and German, are moving to the beautiful island of Sylt (North Germany) to take up a new job and this was a little celebration/goodbye dinner. The six of us had a lovely evening and spent a nice long time over cheese, fruit, eiswein and port.

So now you know why today was Lazy Sunday. Work tomorrow morning if it doesn't snow heavily tonight. Photos soon.

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  1. Barbara I think that you also need to post the recipes as I am feeling incredibly hungry after reading about your meal!