Thursday, 28 January 2010

I love Thursdays!

Because Thursday is a non-work day. Because Thursday is our quilt group day. Because anything we eat on Thursdays is calorie-free and guilt-free. Mind you, two people are avoiding desserts at the moment but I don't feel guilty because I shall start cutting down in February (oh dear, that's next week). Well, we are going to a Burns Night dinner this Saturday and February starts the next day so that's okay. We are only six/seven people and we take turns to host the group and cook lunch. The Spiced Carrot soup was really good, it never fails. The cookies I had not made before and did not have quite enough cranberries for the recipe so I added some chopped hazelnuts to make up the amount. I've passed on the recipe to my daughters because these cookies were so buttery and melty/chewy.

I was expecting to help Gay handsew the binding to the group fundraising quilt which will be raffled. The money raised will be donated to the local church to fund the youth mission trip to Romania. Every year a group of high school students go to a country where help is needed and they work (very hard) but have a lot of fun as well. In the past they have helped to renovate buildings for orphanages, refuges, etc. They learn a lot and, as I said before, my daughters both came back exhausted but happy and wiser. Well, Gay had finished everything all by herself, sore fingers and all. Here's the finished quilt:

It is made from some African fabrics that Gay had bought some time ago. It is not the sort of quilt I would make for myself because the colours would not go with anything in our home but it has been fun to make and is going to make the winner very cosy.

I really need some help with how to get photos uploaded in the right order with paragraphs of text. Anyone out there who knows a quick way, please give me a tip or two. At the moment, I'm moving them about in a time-consuming and probably dinosaur-like way. Can someone bring me up to date?


  1. I think that whoever wins this quilt is going to be very happy as not only do they get a beautiful quilt they are sure to appreciate all the effort gone into making it as well as knowing that the proceeds have gone to a very worthy cause. Very interesting fabrics,rather masculine.

  2. Yes, that's what I thought. Several men have seen it and said 'Wow!' so I think we're right. The last quilt we did for this purpose was one with applique flower and plant blocks and it was to die for - a traditional quilt in dark reds, creams, greens and browns and it made two thousand euros for the trip. I'm concerned that this one is not so appealing to women and they are the ones who buy most of the tickets. Still, I'm sure it will make enough to make a difference - everybody likes snuggling in quilts!