Thursday, 7 January 2010

No quilt photos yet...

I wanted to begin with photos of the quilts I have made so far, but that plan went astray when the snow began to cause us problems. We have spent the last two days waiting for our 20 year old (youngest) daughter to get a flight back to England for university. It has been very stressful and I have greatly admired her resilience in the face of such difficulties. Considering that she waited 24 hours to get a flight home before Christmas, she really didn't deserve another two days of cancelled and postponed flights.
So now it is just husband Stuart and me on our own again, I can get on with the hand-quilting I have promised to do on a quilt our group is making. This quilt is to be raffled to raise money for the local American church's youth mission trip to Romania this Easter. Although I do not go often to church, both my daughters were in the youth group when they lived in Bonn and both went on a couple of mission trips. They believe they gained a lot from the experiences they had and I feel they grew in confidence and strength because of the hardships they endured and those they witnessed around them. So we are making a very bright quilt with African fabrics and are sharing sections of the quilting. I will post a photo tomorrow.
While I'm quilting, I shall be thinking of what to cook for friends who are coming to dinner on Saturday and hoping everyone is keeping snug in this very cold weather.

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