Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Need six hands

This is Nr. 15 of the Nearly Insane quilt - quite an easy one this compared to some!

And this is the first part of the border swag on Olivia's quilt (looking a bit wrinkled because I haven't pressed it yet). The quilt top was pieced and then these border crescents and buttons are applique. The most difficult bit is placing them accurately because they are all curves and so are hard to measure.

So here I am on half-term holiday, Stuart is working in Frankfurt today - I have a whole day's quilting ahead of me (apart from dogwalks in the snow) and I don't know what to work on. I'm really enjoying quilting the split nine-patch, really enjoying these applique crescents (and have a load of them to do) and yet the Nearly Insane is pulling me because I haven't done any of those since last autumn. When I first started quilting, I never understood how people could have so many projects that they were working on at the same time (and so many unfinished things). I began and finished my first two quilts without any other distractions. And then came an unfinished quilt, just needing binding and a little bit more quilting - it lies in a box. And now I have no idea now how I come to have three quilts on the go at the same time.

Had a lovely Valentine's Day on Sunday. We don''t usually do much beyond exchanging cards and going out somewhere nice for dinner. Because of the snow I didn't even buy Stuart a card this year but he got me one. And two huge bunches of pale yellow tulips (my favourite flowers). And took me for a delicious dinner. And ordered a Wii for me (online - it should arrive this week) because I had had such fun playing with it at my daughter's house. So, a very special day. I think a little bit of Stuart-spoiling is now required.

Enjoyed the opening of the Winter Olympics, especially after my friend in Canada had told me they had no snow and it was too warm for the snow-making machines to make any. I particularly enjoyed the huge sparkly bear and wondered how they did that - I was quite sad when it disappeared. Looking forward to watching the skating.


  1. Great NI block...it's fun to get back to I'll bet.

    I love Olivia's quilt and your applique is beautiful!

  2. I love how you used to many fabrics in your Insane block.