Sunday, 7 February 2010

Who's here? Who's there?

Just added Shelfari - not sure why but at least the page doesn't look quite so bare and new... Started thinking about the blogs that I read regularly and those that I just wander haphazardly into, like going down a corridor and opening doors - all human life is there. Sampling these can make you feel intrusive, bored, inspired, entertained, shocked, engaged - any of these. And there are people out there wandering haphazardly into my door. I don't think they will feel intrusive here or shocked, that's for sure. I started wondering about the blog persona and how that might develop. I realise that my blog persona is not me so much as a nicer, wiser, more easy-going, improved version of me. This could stay, could become a more perfect image or will settle down and my faults will start to show more. I also can't use the DH, DD etc, abbreviations which seem to be the norm. I'm a very fast typist and names will be in full. Well, musing over, foggy outside today, off to do the ironing and then some quilting.

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