Saturday, 13 February 2010

The wrong border

I am finished with the middle of the Crescent and Star quilt for my youngest daughter, Olivia, and am ready to organise the border. But the wrong border appeared and got in the way. I think this is Logan's first appearance in the blog and he obviously wanted to do it in style and fit in with the general theme. This border terrier just loves 'quilting' but his interpretation of the word is different from mine. What is it with animals that they just love to sit on, curl up in, go to sleep on, quilts - whatever stage of making they are at? Anyway, here is the quilt top without Logan:

And here are some of the crescents just freezer papered and ready to applique when the dog allows me to sew the white borders on:

And as I am on half-term holiday from school starting now, I've been really busy and done a whole load more quilting on my split nine-patch. Here is the back so far:

The batting for this is the cheap single duvet from Ikea (cost only 4 Euros) that I mentioned before. Batting is quite expensive here in Germany so this seemed a real bargain IF IT QUILTED OKAY, so it was an experiment. As the rest of the quilt cost very little, I was prepared to take the risk. As you can see, it makes a lovely puffy, almost trapunto quilt effect but I would not use it for complex quilting; it's a little bit too thick. If I were making another quilt this size with simple quilting (something quick and maybe machine-quilted) then this would be well worth buying again. It has, of course, a machined edge and I've left this until the end. When I've done the border quilting I'll machine along inside the manufactured edge and then cut it off so I can do my own binding. It has been a successful experiment and is making a really squishy quilt but I wouldn't use it on a quilt that really mattered, like the one above for Olivia. Right, off to eat something and rest my sore fingers - I'm trying to get so much done during this week off that I think I might have overdone it today.

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