Monday, 1 February 2010

Had enough snow?

I've had enough snow now. It looks so lovely but is causing so many problems. There have been over 400 accidents in NordRheinWestfalia, our area of Germany, in the last few days. The school where I work is high on a hill and reached by a long road that is mostly a continuous bend and I seriously thought that school might be closed today because of access problems. It was clear enough, though, but more is expected.

Burns Night was fun and I had no hangover the next day, partly because I didn't drink much and partly because the haggis made me very thirsty and I drank lots of mineral water. As part of his speech, Stuart gave each woman a gift of chocolate-covered almonds that he bought in Madrid. They were called 'Toro' and were amazingly good. I'm afraid mine disappeared before I was aware of it; the chocolate on them was so silky and the almonds had a toasted taste. More, please! Our taxis both ways were sliding and floating a bit on the icy roads but we made it.Lack of hangover meant that I was up early enough to watch Federer and Murray in the Australian Open final. Pure pleasure, so happy that Federer won and that he did it so elegantly.

So now comes the diet (one of the reasons I ate all the chocolates yesterday). First temptation was tiramisu in the staff room bought by someone with a birthday; ooh, life is cruel sometimes...

Two more Nearly Insane blocks shown above - getting there slowly.

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  1. Your Insane blocks are looking great. It is so fun to see someone else doing this project.

    Sorry about your bad weather. I have only been to the snow once and I thought I would freeze to death. I think my blood is too thin.