Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wii Arrival

My Valentine's gift came today, although I'm insisting it is ours. Stuart set it up very quickly (I have a complete blank space in my head when it comes to wiring and cables and connections) and, of course, my arm now aches from bowling and tennis. I think I'm doing it too physically as though I were really playing and it doesn't need that kind of wild swinging about. It'll be more fun when the extra controller arrives (separate package) so we can play at the same time but in the meantime there is a lot there for the two of us to compete with. When my daughters and boyfriends come over in March they are bringing their controllers too so I think I'd better clear the furniture if there are going to be four of us playing at the same time. It felt like Christmas today; it's ages since I had a gift that was a toy, a real plaything, such fun.

Of course, no quilting done at all and a very quick dinner planned. I shall do some quiet applique later this evening when we catch up with the Sopranos. I'm having such a lovely week, probably more fun than if we had gone away!

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